Are you a parent looking to get involved?

The Junior Redcoat Boosters (JRB), has evolved from a group of parents wanting to

assist the director and support their band members, to an established part of the Junior

Redcoats. We now have an enthusiastic group of dedicated parents committed to the

continuation and growth of the Junior Redcoat Band.


As with all volunteer organizations, the more volunteers, the better the organization.

More people means more ideas and a lighter load for each individual. If you are unsure

about taking on the responsibility of a position on the executive, the juniors are always

looking for chaperones to supervise their performances and events!

Executive Positions Include         

The Chairperson oversees all the activities and affairs of the Parent Support Group. They are responsible for organizing and planning several meetings throughout the year including our Annual Mandatory Parents Meeting. The Chairperson communicates with the Musical Director on a regular basis, and currently acts as a liaison between The Junior Redcoats and The Burlington Teen Tour Band. The Chairperson is also responsible for promoting the band through various social media avenues such as our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Head Chaperone

The Junior Redcoats will usually do 4 to 5 performances a year. The Head Chaperone organizes parent volunteers to support the kids and the staff during performances. The Head Chaperone also ensures the kids have the proper band attire during performances.


Uniform Coordinator

The Uniform Coordinator ensures all band members have purchased uniforms for the upcoming performances.  They are responsible for sourcing and ordering uniform shirts, jackets, gloves, as well as summer and winter hats.


The Junior Redcoats have a small operating budget and have very little expenses. The fundraiser organizes and executes 3 - 4 fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds to pay for social activities for the band members and our annual photo day.


Social Committee

The Social Committee is made up of 2 to 5 members. They help out with several activities throughout the year such as our annual Christmas party, barbecues and other social events. Band parents are encouraged to join this committee because its a great way to get involved if you are new to the band.



The Treasurer of the Parents Group is responsible for keeping accurate records of the Parents Support Group financial activities.  He or she makes all deposits and is responsible for paying accounts approved by group members.



The Secretary attends the Parents Support Group meetings and records minutes which are distributed to the group and to our staff.

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